Coway ramps up environmental protection

South Korean home appliance maker Coway has been expanding its environmental campaigns to promote the culture of everyday environmental protection across the country.

In a bid to promote clean water areas, in July it launched its second “Coway River Plogging Campaign,” which involves a combination of running and picking up litter along river and coastal areas, together with its customers and employees for about a month.

The campaign saw a 41 percent surge in the number of participants, compared to last year, the company added.

As part of the project, Coway has also been running a marine protection initiative at a beach in Gangwon Province. It involves employees with certification diving underwater to collect litter, including plastic bottles and fishing nets.

Since June 2022, Coway has been running an environmental project called the “Classroom Forest Project” by donating plants to elementary schools in Korea.

Students actively participate in the project by growing plants in the classroom and transplanting them to pots made from disposable mask fabric and recycled plastic bottles. Since its launch, this initiative has expanded to four elementary schools nationwide, raising awareness of the importance of clean air among young children.

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